How it works


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1. Mechanical rough cleaning

The water is cleaned after entering the filter cartridge through various filter mats of coarse dirt and solids. In this stage, especially sand, mud and rust particles are removed.

2. Ion exchanger

The FEWATEC CRISTAL cartridge contains a number of matched ion exchangers. These special products bind a great many ions, including nitrates, sulfates, heavy metals, as well as calcium and magnesium carbonate. The latter are mainly responsible for the water hardness.

3. Active carbon

In a third step, the water is passed through a filter bed with activated carbons. Here, especially bad odors, bad taste and other impurities such as chlorine or hydrocarbons are filtered out. The activated charcoal in their FEWATEC CRISTAL cartridge is a pure natural product, as only coal from coconut shells is used.

4. Ultrafine filtration

Finally, the water flows through a combination of different filter mats. Embedded therein is a membrane with a pore diameter of 0.4 μm (microns). Organisms such as bacteria, viruses or algae are filtered out. FEWATEC CRISTAL has one of the best solid-state filtrations in its class.

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