Cartridges several variations


Standard cartridge

Most of the FEWATEC CRISTAL filters are fitted with this version. The cartridge contains four different cleaning levels.

suitable for
the preparation of tea and coffee, production of hygienic drinking water

Carbonate plus cartridge

Used at high water hardness.

suitable for:
the preparation of hot drinks such as coffee and tea, or for filling ice machines

Bactericide plus cartridge

This model contains an increased bactericidal effect!

suitable for:
use in tropical countries

Resinox plus cartridge

Keeps the nitrate out of the drinking water.

suitable for:
Water with high nitrate content

Rain cartridge

Mainly softens the tap water to produce rainwater for plants.

suitable for:
the production of water

special requirements

Do you have special needs? We have the know-how to manufacture cartridges that are specifically assembled on the basis of special customer needs and water analyzes.


FEWATEC filter housing


CHF 55.-