Gives foods and drinks their natural taste

We appreciate the typical taste and smell of our food and drinks. The freshness of salads and vegetables, the fruity of strawberries or the seductive of coffee, etc ..

Missing or wrong tastes and smells stand for immaturity, wrong preparation or bad quality.

  • Gives foods and drinks their natural taste

Water is the most used product we need for washing or preparing our food or drink.

Unfortunately, chemicals in the water can affect our enjoyment of consumption. A typical example is chlorine, which is added by many drinking water suppliers to the water for disinfection.

The typical taste of chlorine can also be found on the washed vegetables, on the prepared pasta or freshly brewed coffee. But even brushing your teeth can be a displeasure.

Other substances can enter the water through contaminated soil and drinking water supplies and have the same effect as chlorine.

The active carbon contained in the Fewatec filter removes these unpleasant odors and gives the food and drinks their typical smell.

Indispensable in the kitchen!

  • For perfect tea and coffee enjoyment
  • Crystal clear ice cubes for fresh drinks
  • Vegetables retain their natural taste
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