Gives food and drinks their pure flavour


Removes bacteria, algae and bacilli


Maintains trace elements and minerals


Filters the water better, more convenient and cheaper

For less than 0.01 € per liter, with the FEWATEC filter, high-quality drinking water is available, directly from the water faucet!
The mentioned costs correspond to the pure maintenance (1 cartridge is sufficient for approx. 6'000 liters).

Drinking water without impurities

The tap water from the FEWATEC filter is free of bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, nitrate or nitrite, hydrocarbons, etc.

Eliminates unwanted tastes such as chlorine

Chlorine, which is added to tap water by the municipal water supply, can be 100% removed thanks to the FEWATEC filter.

For a perfect cup of tea and coffee

As the water hardness (magnesium and calcium carbonate) is reduced to a minimum (about 5 ° dH or 9 ° fH) by the FEWATEC filter, you get a tasty cup of tea or coffee.

Crystal clear ice cubes for fresh drinks

The tap water from the FEWATEC filter produces crystal-clear ice cubes, which taste just as good as the filtered drinking water.

Vegetables retain their natural taste

Vegetables and fruits, which are washed with the water from the FEWATEC filter, retain their natural taste!

Strong and healthy plants

Because the filtered water from the FEWATEC filter contains such a small amount of lime (magnesium and calcium carbonate), it is as soft as rainwater and, therefore, especially for delicate plants, it is the ideal irrigation water.

For the health of your loved one

In the tap water undesirable and harmful substances (residues from agriculture and industry) are completely removed with the FEWATEC filter.

Healthy cooking

Pasta, rice, sauces, syrups, etc., are well tolerated and bacteria-free thanks to tap water treated with FEWATEC filter, even if the water is used uncooked.

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