Hans Jörg Sommer

Technic and development
+41 79 588 74 54

Jürg Moser

International Sales
+41 79 417 75 01

Remco Kooijmans

Business Development
+41 79 223 54 14

Hans Jörg Sommer (Technic and development)

Hans Jörg Sommer is a chemist HTL with a passion for water and its pre-treatment! He has decades of experience in chemical process engineering, water treatment and plastics technology. Hans Jörg Sommer teaches adults and apprentices at the Baugewerbliche Berufsschule in Zurich.

Jürg Moser (International Sales)

For Jürg Moser, who completed his apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant at St. Gallen Water Supply, the water had become an affair of the heart very early on. Later, he worked at the city of Zurich in the field of wastewater and made sure that the impurities from trade and industry were already removed at the source.

Remco Kooijmans (Business Development)

With Remco Kooijmans FEWATEC found the ideal marketing and communication strategist. He looks back on a long, successful marketing and sales career at home and abroad. Since 2003, the native Dutchman has been working in Switzerland as a marketing and communication specialist and has been a part-time lecturer in marketing at Innopark Schweiz AG since 2015.