The history of FEWATEC AG

In 1994, Dr. Jean-Claude Ferrazzini, an ETH engineer with great experience in water treatment, founded together with his wife Eva the company FEWATEC AG (Ferrazzini Water Technology).

After years of intensive development work, he developed today\'s core of the filter: the interchangeable blue cartridge, which can be equipped with variable filter media as needed. The innovative CRISTAL filter contains four different levels that are able to remove all undesirable pollutants in the water.

His passion and patience led him to make steady improvements until the CRISTAL filter as it is now offered could be produced.

At the FEWATEC site in Gossau (ZH) around 10\'000 filters were produced and sold worldwide. After a serious illness, after which Mr. Ferrazzini did not fully recover new owners were sought.

In May 2016, Jürg Moser and Remco Kooijmans began conversing with Ms. Ferrazzini. In the spring of 2017, Hans Jörg Sommer joined the group and at the end of August these three acquired all shares in FEWATEC AG. Hans Jörg Sommer was elected Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

For the founder of the company, it is a pleasure that the FEWATEC AG continues to exist!

Drinking water is considered one of the most important global businesses activities of the next decades. FEWATEC offers a high quality and aesthetically superior product for easy installation in any household. The product benefits from the Swiss Image: clean, reliable and technologically advanced.

The official relaunch of the company begins at the end of 2017.