Uranium in drinking water, no problem for the FEWATEC Cristal Filter


Uranium is a natural element found in soil. The uranium concentration varies depending on the soil composition. In Switzerland, increased uranium concentrations in the soil are found in the Alpine regions. [1]. In Germany in the south and east (Saxony, Thuringia) [2].
Information can be obtained from your drinking water supplier.
Water-soluble uranium compounds can thus enter drinking water via groundwater and spring catchments.


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Coffee and water hardness


Magnesium and calcium compounds dissolved in water are called hardness formers.
If the water is heated to 60 ° C and above, these soluble compounds are largely converted into insoluble, leading to turbidity of the water.

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Pesticides are toxic, chemical substances used in agriculture, gardens or public areas with the aim of eliminating pests (insects, plants, fungi, worms, etc.).

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