Gives food and drinks their pure flavour


Removes bacteria, algae and bacilli


Maintains trace elements and minerals

Simple self-setup

FEWATEC Cristal is pre-assembled in production and delivered ready for use.

Includes one filter cartridge

The cartrige consists of a four-layer filter and is easy to change at low-cost.

3 types of installation:

table-top model, integrated model and under-sink-model.

Technically perfected

Equipped with two outlets, standard connections and PROFIX fittings

Latest News


The water is getting scarce

21. 03. 2018

In April 2018, the taps will be turned off in Cape Town (South Africa). The city in South Africa, which has approximately 4 million inhabitants, suffers from a very severe drought. For more than 3 years it has not rained properly.

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Launch German and English Website

21. 03. 2018

Since April 3, 2018 we have the german and englisch version of our website live.


Blog articles

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Coffee and water hardness

15. 03. 2018

Magnesium and calcium compounds dissolved in water are called hardness formers.
If the water is heated to 60 ° C and above, these soluble compounds are largely converted into insoluble, leading to turbidity of the water.

How does the water hardness develop?

How does the water hardness develop?

07. 03. 2018

COdissolved in rainwater (carbon dioxide and water are carbonic acid) is responsible for rainwater being slightly acidic (pH <7.0).

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