Gives food and drinks their pure flavour


Removes bacteria, algae and bacilli


Maintains trace elements and minerals

Simple self-setup

FEWATEC Cristal is pre-assembled in production and delivered ready for use.

Includes one filter cartridge

The cartrige consists of a four-layer filter and is easy to change at low-cost.

3 types of installation:

table-top model, integrated model and under-sink-model.

Technically perfected

Equipped with two outlets, standard connections and PROFIX fittings

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Live circuit new appearance additionally French and Spanish-language

23. 06. 2021

On 23 June 2021, we also launched the French and Spanish versions of our website.


Chlorothalonil and the filter technology from FEWATEC

18. 06. 2021

The FEWATEC Cristal water filter removes chlorothalonil.

Chlorothalonil was one of the 10 most sold fungicides in Switzerland for years.

It was used as a broad-spectrum fungicide on agricultural as well as non-agricultural land (e.g. golf courses).

In 2019, the Swiss population became aware of the contamination of individual drinking water samples with this fungicide. In the drinking water samples complained about, the measured values of the detected chlorothalonil metabolites were above the legal limit of 0.1 µg/litre. The use of chlorothalonil has been banned in Switzerland since 1 January 2020.

Attention: Due to an interim ruling of the Federal Administrative Court (FAC) of 24 August 2020 and 15 February 2021, the following situation applies until the main ruling of the FAC:

There is no longer a maximum level for chlorothalonil degradation products in drinking water.
Officially collected drinking water samples with a concentration of chlorothalonil degradation products of more than 0.1 micrograms per litre will no longer be objected to.
Drinking water suppliers are no longer obliged to test the water for chlorothalonil residues.



Blog articles

How does the water hardness develop?

How does the water hardness develop?

19. 06. 2021

COdissolved in rainwater (carbon dioxide and water are carbonic acid) is responsible for rainwater being slightly acidic (pH <7.0).


Uranium in drinking water, no problem for the FEWATEC Cristal Filter

30. 08. 2020

Uranium is a natural element found in soil. The uranium concentration varies depending on the soil composition. In Switzerland, increased uranium concentrations in the soil are found in the Alpine regions. [1]. In Germany in the south and east (Saxony, Thuringia) [2].
Information can be obtained from your drinking water supplier.
Water-soluble uranium compounds can thus enter drinking water via groundwater and spring catchments.


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